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Share PDF Files

Share a PDF File by Email

Foxit Reader allows users to share the currently opened PDF file by email as an attachment.

Tip: Before sharing a PDF file via email, you need to configure the email on your Mac device first.

SharePoint Integration

Foxit Reader has been integrated with Microsoft SharePoint, which helps you better manage and share PDFs.

Open PDFs in SharePoint Repository

Set the Preferences about How to Open a Document

By default, Foxit Readerwill let you choose how to open the document every time you open a PDF file from SharePoint. To specify how to open a document by default, please go to File tab (or Foxit Reader in the menu bar) > Preferences > ECM Integration, and check the following option as needed in the SharePoint group.

Open PDF Files in SharePoint Repository

Tip: You can specify the default way to open a file from SharePoint in SharePoint Preferences.

Edit Document Properties

To check and edit the document properties of a PDF file opened from the SharePoint server, please do the following:

Check Out, Discard Check Out, or Check In PDF Files

You can change the document status when working with PDF files in the SharePoint server.

Save Local PDF Files to SharePoint Repository

To save a local PDF file to SharePoint in Foxit Reader, please do the following:

PDF Review

About PDF Review

Foxit Reader supports two kinds of PDF review: shared review and email review. With Foxit Reader (V4.0 or later), you can easily join a PDF view, share the comments, and track reviews. In a shared review, you can make comments, share and track reviews via a server. While in an email review, you can make comments and send the reviewed PDF back to the initiator as an email attachment.

Join a Shared Review

Join an Email Review

The recipients can download the document sent from the initiator and open it with Foxit Reader, add their comments and click Send Comments button in the message bar to send their comments back to the initiator.

Likewise, you can manage your reviews by using the Tracker. See also Review Tracker.

Review Tracker

Foxit Reader provides a tracker to help you track reviews easily. Choose Share > Tracker, and then you can view the file name, deadline, number of comments, and the list of reviewers for the shared reviews or email reviews you have joined.