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Edit PDF Files

Manage Bookmarks

Bookmarks are navigation tools that make your PDF files easier to read. With Foxit Reader, you can easily add, edit, or delete bookmarks in a PDF file if the security settings allow.

Open the Bookmark Panel

Add a Bookmark

Tip: After adding a bookmark, you can also move it to a desired hierarchy, if necessary. Please refer to Move a Bookmark for more information.

Edit a Bookmark

In Foxit Reader, you are able to rename a bookmark, reset a bookmark’s destination, or customize the text appearance of a bookmark with ease if the security settings allow.

Rename a Bookmark

Reset a Bookmark's Destination

Customize the Text Appearance of a Bookmark

Tip: After defining a bookmark's appearance, you can set it as bookmarks' default property by right-clicking the bookmark and then selecting Use Current Appearance as New Default option.

Add an Action to a Bookmark

Delete a Bookmark

To delete a bookmark, please do one of the following in the Bookmarks panel:

Tip: Deleting a bookmark deletes all the bookmarks that are subordinate to it.

Move a Bookmark

To move a bookmark, please do one of the following in the Bookmarks panel:

Manage File Attachments

Open the Attachments Panel

Do any of the following to open the Attachments panel:

Add a File Attachment

Work on the File Attachments

Configure Security Settings

You can configure the security settings about how to open a file attachment with the following steps:

Manage File Attachments

In the Attachments panel, right-click a file attachment, and select one of the following options from the context menu:

Manage Page Thumbnails

Open the Pages Panel

Do any of the following to open the Pages panel:

Work on Page Thumbnails

The Pages panel displays all the page thumbnails of a PDF file which is opened in Foxit Reader. In the Pages panel, you can do any of the following:

Show or Hide PDF Layers

In a PDF, information can be stored on different layers. To show or hide related content stored in a variable number of separate layers, you can simply refer to the Layer panel on the left side of the work area. Please note that you cannot create or edit layers in Foxit Reader; however, you can view layers and choose to show or hide the content associated with each layer.

Play Audio & Video

To play an audio or video, please make sure you have necessary media player installed on your device, and then do the following:

Create Links in a PDF

Links help you to lead the readers to related articles, references, or the intended web page.

Add Rectangle Links

Move or Resize a Rectangle Link

You can move and resize the rectangle link after you create it.

Delete a Rectangle Link