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Comment Tools Overview

Foxit Reader provides a full set of feature rich tools to help you comment on PDF files easily. Comment tools include the Text Markup tools, Typewriter, Note tool, Drawing tools, stamp tools, and measure tools. While adding comments with Text Markup tools, Typewriter tools, Pin tools, Drawing tools, or stamp tools, you can also click Keep Tool Selected in the Comment tab to keep the tool selected, so you can use the tools continuously without having to select the specific tool after each use.

Set Commenting Preferences

To set commenting preferences, please choose File in the Ribbon (or Foxit Reader in the menu bar) > Preferences > Commenting.

Add Comments in the PDF File

Add a Text Markup

Tip: Alternatively, you can also select the text on the document pane first, and then click the Highlight icon on the floating toolbar to highlight the selected text. 

Add a Note Comment

Add a File Attachment as a Comment

Add a Drawing Markup

Add a Rectangle, Line, Arrow, Circle, Polyline, Polygon, or Cloud

Draw a Free-form Shape

Highlight an Area

Add a Text Comment

Add a Stamp

Stamp a PDF

You can choose from a list of predefined stamps, or create custom stamps before stamping a PDF. All the stamps that you import or create are listed in the drop-down menu of the Stamp command and Stamps Palette. To apply a stamp, please do the following:

Create a Stamp

Create a Custom Stamp

Create a Custom Dynamic Stamp

Create a Stamp from Clipboard

Manage Custom Stamps and Categories

Manage Stamps in PDFs

Cut/Copy and Paste a Stamp

To cut/copy and paste a stamp, please do the following:

Undo/Redo a Stamp

To undo/redo a Stamp, please click the undo button  and redo button  on the Quick Access toolbar.

Resize/move/add a pop-up note to a stamp

Rotate a stamp

Delete a stamp

Do one of the following:

Set Favorite Stamps

Arrange Stamps in a PDF

You can arrange multiple stamps by aligning, centering and distributing them. For more information, please reader to Arrange Comments.

Measure an Object

The Measures Tools enable you to measure distance, perimeter, and area of objects in PDF documents.

Set Measuring Preferences

Before measuring an object, you can go to File tab (or Foxit Reader in the menu bar) Preferences > Measuring to specify the unit, label, and leader for measurements.

Measure the Distance, Perimeter, and Area

Tip: You can also choose to complete or cancel measurement by right-clicking the measurement and choosing options from the context menu.

Change the Measurement Formats

After you select the measuring tool, you will find the measurement format panel on the right of the document pane, which allows you to set the scale ratio, snap measurement, etc.

Manage Comments

View All Comments

The Comments panel displays all comments in the PDF for you to view, find, mark, or reply comments easily.

View All Comments in Comments Panel

Show or Hide All Comments or Popup Notes

You can show or hide all comments or popup notes in the PDF document with the following steps:

Tip: If you choose to hide all comments in a PDF document, comments will not be displayed in the Comments panel as well.

Change the Appearances of Comments

You can change the appearances of comments by one of the following two ways:

1. Change the appearances of comments in the Properties dialog box

Tip: In the Properties dialog box, you can: 1) check Locked option to lock the current settings and prevent others from changing the properties; 2) check Set Current Properties as Default option to set the current properties as the default.

2. Change the appearances of comments in the Format panel

Move the Comments

Note: You cannot move the text markups.

Delete the Comments

Make sure that you have selected the Hand command, Select Annotation command, or the corresponding comment command, and do one of the following to delete a comment:

Arrange Comments

When you select one or more comments, the Arrange commands appears in the Format panel and context menu, allowing you to arrange the comments. You can arrange multiple comments by aligning, centering and distributing them. Please follow the steps below.

Select Multiple Comments

Note: When you right-click one of the selected comments, it will be highlighted in red, indicating that it’s the anchor comment.

Align Comments

Note: The alignment commands move the other selected comments to line up with the edges of the anchor comment.

Center Comments

This function enables you to center comments vertically, horizontally or both.

Distribute Comments

In the context of laying out comments on a page, you can give a group of comments uniform spacing, based on the centers of adjacent comments. This function will be available when selecting three or more comments.

To distribute the comments, do any of the following:

Reply to Comments

Reply to the Original Comments

To reply to an original comment in the pop-up note, do the following:

Tip: If you have checked the Hide comment pop-ups when comments list is open option in Commenting preferences, pop-up notes will not be opened when the Comments panel is opened. In this case, you can uncheck the Hide comment pop-ups when comments list is open option in the Commenting preferences, or choose to reply to comments in the Comments panel

To reply to an original comment in the Comments panel, do the following:

Respond to Comment Replies

Right-click the title of a reply in the comment pop-up note, and do the following:

Tip: To respond to comment replies in the comment pop-up notes when the Comments panel is opened, please make sure that you have disabled hiding comment pop-ups when Comments panel is open in Commenting preferences

Set a Status

The status of a comment indicates the review process or action of the review participants.

You can do one of the following to add a review status to indicate which comment you have accepted, rejected, canceled, or completed:

Tip: To remove the review status, follow the steps above and choose None from the context menu.

You can do one of the following to add a checkmark status to indicate which comment you have read or require further action:

Tip: To remove the checkmark status, follow the steps above and choose Remove Checkmark, or uncheck the status box .

Sort Comments

You can sort comments by page, author, creation date, type, status, or checkmark.

Import and Export Comments

Import Comments

Export Comments

Summarize Comments

Summarizing comments is an easy way to help you directly obtain a synopsis of comments associated with the PDF. To create a comment summary, do as below: