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Work with PDF Forms


There are two kinds of PDF forms: interactive PDF forms and non-interactive PDF forms. Interactive PDF forms are PDF files with fillable fields, which can be filled directly by clicking the form field. Non-interactive PDF forms are plain PDF files with lines and text, which should be filled with the Typewriter tool in Foxit Reader.

Fill in a PDF Form

Fill in a Non-interactive PDF Form

Non-interactive PDF form acts like an ordinary PDF document that has plain text. To fill in a non-interactive PDF form, you can use the Typewriter tool by selecting Comments > Typewriter.

Fill in an Interactive PDF Form

An interactive PDF form contains fields that you can select or fill in. In Foxit Reader, the form fields are highlighted in light blue by default so that you can easily identify them while filling forms. As you move your pointer over the form field, the pointer will change to a different icon:

To fill in an interactive PDF form, please follow the steps below:

Reset Form Fields

You can reset all the form fields to the default value by the following steps:

Export and Import Form Data

Export Form Data

Foxit Reader allows users to export form data to a XML, XFDF, TXT, or CSV file. In this way, all the data can be preserved and managed in much less space than the full PDF with less effort.

Import Form Data

You can view the form data received from other users in the context of the PDF form by opening the original form file and importing the information in the data file.