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Share PDF Files

Share a PDF File by Email

Foxit PhantomPDF Mac allows users to share the currently opened PDF file by email as an attachment.

Tip: Before sharing a PDF file via email, you need to configure the email on your Mac device first.

SharePoint Integration

Foxit PhantomPDF Mac has been integrated with Microsoft SharePoint, which helps you better manage and share PDFs.

Open PDFs in SharePoint Repository

Set the Preferences about How to Open a Document

By default, Foxit PhantomPDF Mac will let you choose how to open the document every time you open a PDF file from SharePoint. To specify how to open a document by default, please go to File tab (or Foxit PhantomPDF in the menu bar) > Preferences > ECM Integration, and check the following option as needed in the SharePoint group.

Open PDF Files in SharePoint Repository


Edit Document Properties

To check and edit the document properties of a PDF file opened from the SharePoint server, please do the following:

Check Out, Discard Check Out, or Check In PDF Files

You can change the document status when working with PDF files in the SharePoint server.

Save Local PDF Files to SharePoint Repository

To save a local PDF file to SharePoint in Foxit PhantomPDF Mac, please do the following:

iManage10 Integration

Integration with iManage10, the popular and intelligent document and email management solution, enables you to directly open, modify, and save PDF documents in your iManage Work account using Foxit PhantomPDF Mac, which streamlines your PDF document management.

Open and Check Out PDFs on iManage10

Tip: When you add iManage10 successfully in Foxit PhantomPDF Mac, the iManage10 item will be displayed in the Open list in the File tab. If you add multiple servers, the latest one you added will be set as the default server for document management. You can click Share > iManage10 > Connect to add a new server or change the default server. If you want to remove the iManage10 item from the Open list in the File tab, select the iManage10 item, and click the Delete button .

Save PDF Files in iManage10

Save a Local PDF to iManage10

Save a Local PDF as a New Document in iManage10 Repository

Save a Local PDF as a New Version of Existing Work Document

Save a PDF Opened from iManage10

To save a PDF file opened from iManage10, you can choose to replace the original document, or save it as a new version or a new document in the iManage10. After modification, do any of the following:

Shared Review and Email Review

Foxit PhantomPDF Mac enables users to initiate a review by two methods: Shared Review and Email Review. You can set up your review, specify reviewers and review deadlines. You do not need to import and export comment data or manually track reviewer responses. The review Tracker can help review initiators track all reviews and manage the whole review in real time.

Shared Review

Collect Comments on an Internal Server

Shared Review allows document authors to share a document on an internal server with others to gather feedback/comments from the reviewers. The review initiator can specify the document location, invite participants and set the review deadline.

After receiving the invitation from the review initiator, reviewers can mark-up PDFs using a full set of commenting tools. Comments from reviewers will be stored in the internal server and synchronized by Foxit PhantomPDF Mac to download them at a regular interval. Reviewers will be notified if new comments are added by others and they can also reply to these comments.

(For review initiators) Send a PDF Out for Shared Review

Tip: Before sending the message, you need to configure your mail on your Mac device first.

(For reviewers) Review a Shared Review Document

Upon the review initiator sending out the document, the specified reviewers will receive an email invitation to a PDF review. The email includes an attached document named ※[original document name]_review.pdf§ or provides a URL to the PDF.

To review the document:


1. Reviewers will not be able to make comments or do other modifications to the shared documents in non-Foxit PDF viewers.

2. Reviewers should save the document as an archive copy to the hard drive using Foxit PDF viewers so as to modify the content.

Email Review

Email Review is useful when reviewers don*t have access to a common server or initiators don*t need collaborative reviews. In an Email Review, the initiator sends PDFs to reviewers as attachments and can view comments only after receiving the commented PDFs from reviewers. Also, the reviewers can only send back the PDFs after adding comments, and they cannot view comments made by others.

Send a PDF Out for Email Review

Participate in an Email Review

The recipients can download the document sent from the initiator and open it with Foxit PhantomPDF Mac, add their comments and click Send Comments button in the message bar to send their comments back to the initiator.

Likewise, you can manage your reviews by using the Tracker. See also Review Tracker.

Merge Comments

After receiving the document with comments from reviewers, the initiator open it and will be prompted with a message box about whether to merge comments from this document into the master file or not.

If you choose No, open this copy only button, you can still merge comments after you open it by clicking Merge Comments button in the message box.

Review Tracker

To track all of your reviews, please click Share > Tracker. The review Tracker helps you easily manage document reviews in real time. The tracker shows all the reviews you sent and joined and the detailed review status including review deadlines, reviewers, comments, etc. You can also email reviewers/initiators with the tracker. If you are the review initiator in a Shared Review, you can also change the deadline, end the review and start a new review with the same reviewers.