Why message "Please install updates according to the tips" appears when clicking on "Help>Check for Updates"


When I tried to download update via Check for Updates under Help tab, it gave me the following prompt message:

Foxit Reader has already been in auto update mode with the option “Automatically download updates, but let me chose when to install them(recommended)” checked. Please install updates according to the tips.


I don't know how to follow the tips needed to complete the update according this message.

Reason and solution

This message indicates that Foxit Reader application itself has already detected the update and Foxit Updater process is running for downloading the update for you.This situation occurs because Foxit Reader has been set to Automatically download updates, but let me choose when to install them or Automatically install updates by default under Updater in Preferences dialog box.

When the prompt appears,please navigate to your system tray to click on the Foxit Updater icon open Foxit Update window where would show you the progress about the download. If the download is not yet completed,you just need to wait until the auto-download completes. There would also be messsage which says "Update is ready to install,Click here for details"appears as a pop-up from the system tray to remind you when the auto-download completes. When the download is completed,please open the Foxit Updater window by clicking on the Foxit Updater icon from your system tray to allow the update to install.


If for some reason you failed to install the update with the above method, you could also try below steps to manually check for update and install update.

  1. Right-click an empty space on the Taskbar and choose Task Manger in the pop-up context menu to open Windows Task Manager.

  2. Click on Processes tab in Windows Task Manager,find FoxitUpdater.exe there and click End process to close the Foxit Updater process.

  3. Then you could open Foxit Reader,click Help tab>Check for Updates to find the available update in the Foxit Reader Updater window, and choose to dowload and install update there.

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