Where are the custom stamps stored? How to move these stamps from one computer to another?

Custom stamps are stored in the following directory:


C:Documents and SettingsusernameApplication DataFoxit SoftwareFoxit PhantomPDFStamps (In Windows XP)

C:Usersusername AppDataRoamingFoxit SoftwareFoxit PhantomPDFStamps (In Windows7)

To move stamps form one computer to another, you copy the whole stamps folder to the same directory of the destination computer.

Note:  Every subfolder of the “stamp” folder includes a stamplib.xml. If the stamp directory on the original computer is different from the destination computer, you need to open the stamplib.xml with Notepad and change the stamp path in every stamplib.xml accordingly.

E.g. we’d like to move stamps from Cherry’s computer to an Admin computer. After having copied the whole stamps folder from Cherry’s computer to  the Admin computer, we need to open the stamplib.xml files on Admin computer and change the FoxitStamp path in every stamplib.xml file accordingly. See as following.




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