Whenever I change pages via bookmarks, my zoom level changes, why?


Whenever I change pages, via bookmarks or using the pop-up page numbers menu at the bottom, my zoom level changes from fit width to fit page. It's really annoying having to open the menu and change it back to fit width every time I navigate somewhere in my e-book. Please look into this issue and try to make it retain your chosen view settings.


This occurs since the bookmarks have been assigned zoom properties when they were created.


To retain the view settings, complete the following steps:

1.      Open Foxit Reader / PhantomPDF.

2.      Go to File menu, choose Preferences.

3.       Find the Page Display tab, check the option Forbid the change of the current Zoom factor during execution of 'Go to Destination" actions (these actions can be launched from bookmarks).


4.  Click Ok to apply the change.

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