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You may want to know something about the difference between Foxit PhantomPDF Standard and Business. Both version allow to create ISO standard PDF/A files, but standard version doesn't support PDF A, E, and X creation. What does it mean?   

Foxit PhantomPDF Standard Features:

Convert any printable documents to PDF with PDF/A 1- b compliance.  For example, if you have MS word document, and want to convert it to PDF with PDF/A 1-b standard. PhantomPDF Standard Printer can do it for you.

To create the PDF/A 1-b document, open your currently working document, bring up the Print dialog box, choose Foxit PhantomPDF Printer, choose Printer Properties, choose PDF/A – 1b as the Default Setting in the General tab. The image below is a printing example in MS Word.



Verify compliance. You can open a PDF/A, E, X with PhantomPDF Standard and verify the compliance.

To verify the compliance, open a PDF document with PhantomPDF, choose Convert menu, choose Industry Standard, choose one of the Verify compliance items and choose Analyze to continue.



PhantomPDF Business Features:

The Business edition does what the standard version does, besides:

Inter-conversion within one compliance.  You can convert PDF/A -1a to PDF/A -1b, -2a, 2b, -2u, 3a, 3b, 3u and vice versa. 

To achieve the task, go to Convert menu> Industry Standard > Profile > click on the PDF /A, or /E, or/X, choose one of the Convert to items, click on Analyze and Fix to proceed.


Remove compliance information. Saying you have a document with PDF/E compliance and you don’t want it. PhantomPDF Business can do this for you. To achieve the task, go to Convert menu> Industry Standard > Profile > click on the PDF /A, or /E, or/X, choose Remove PDF/ information, click on Analyze and Fix to create a copy of the current file with no compliance. 


Save the current file as ISO-standard compliance version. To achieve the task, go to Convert > Industry Standard > click on Standards, choose a compliance item PDF/A for example, click on Continue button, and follow the on-screen tips to proceed.




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