I cannot Highlight and Edit on a standard document


 It is a standard document with searchable texts and all operations are allowed(no security restrictions), but highlighting and all editing is disabled.


This is probably your current document is under PDF/A compliance that is opened in Read-only mode by default. To enable editing, you can complete it in the following ways:

Activate Enable Editing in the bubble pop-up

When a PDF/A compliant document is opened, a bubble message appears on the top right side of the document area as shown below.  Click on Enable Editing, accept the change by clicking on Yes



In some cases, the bubble was set not to automatically expanded by your administrator.  When a PDF/A compliant document is opened, a yellow bubble appears on the top right side of your document area as shown below. Simply click on the Bubble to display the message and enable it. 


Change PDF/A View Mode via Preferences

If you have a lot of PDF/A standardized documents to process routinely and want to improve your productivity, you can set up your application to never open PDF/A document in read-only mode, so that you can directly open and edit it. 

Inside your application, go to File > Preferences > Documents, change View document in PDF/A mode to Never, click on OK to apply the change. 



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