How to use ActiveX in C# or VB?

a.  Open Visual Studio 2010/2013

b.  Select File -> New ->Project -> Visual C# or Visual Basic -> Windows -> Windows Forms Application -> OK

c.  Select Tools -> Choose Toolbox Items-> COM Components

d.  Check "FoxitPDFSDK Pro  Control" -> OK

Note: If "FoxitPDF Pro Control" or "FoxitPDF Std Control" is not found on the list at this step.  It means you did not register the Foxit ActiveX .ocx correctly.  If you have the OCX, please open a command prompt with "Run as Administrator" and register the OCX with the command "regsvr32 <NameOfFoxitActiveX>.ocx"  If you recieved a msi, please run the MSI and it will do the registration for you.

e.  Select View -> ToolBox

f.  Locate "Foxit PDF SDK Pro Control" in the ToolBox and drag it to the form Designer UI

g. Build and run application

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