How to integrate the license key file or registration key code when installing Foxit from command line or GPO deployment?

If you are rolling out Foxit inside your organization, and want to load the license file or registration key code in the process of the installing.  You can use the transform file to perform the task.

Generate a Transform MST file

1. Download an MSI requisite installer and save it into a location called Shared_Folder for example.

2. Launch Foxit Customization Wizard tool to include the license file/registration code and/or XML file and save it to the Shared_Folder with .mst as the file format.




  • An MSI requisite installer can be downloaded at the Downloads page.

  • Please ensure the msi, MST and files are saved in the same folder.

Using the Transform MST File

With Command-line Installation

Add an additional parameter TRANSFORMS="xxx.mst" when installing from command line.

Usage Example:

msiexec /i "xxx.msi" TRANSFORMS="xxx.mst"

With GPO Deployment

Add an additional parameter TRANSFORMS="xxx.mst" when extracting the data from .msi package with "/a".

Usage Example:

msiexec /a "xxx.msi"  TRANSFORMS="xxx.mst"

Tip: In the Deployment Software dialog box, select Advanced option as the deployment method, click on Next button and then select the MST  file on the Modification tab.  

Note: The registration key code is supported to be added to the Foxit Customization Tool to generate the mst file since version 9.0.1. If still a license key file is needed, please contact support . 





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