How to install Foxit PDF IFilter with Exchange Server 2010

To install Foxit PDF IFilter with Exchange Server 2010, please follow the instructions as below.

1) Start Registry Editor (regedit).

2) Locate the following registry subkey:


    Add a subkey and its value as follows:


    Value=drive:Program FilesFoxit SoftwareFoxit PDF IFilterpdffilt.dll

3) In the subkey created in step 2, create the following string value.

    Value Name = ThreadingModel

    Type Value = String (REG_SZ)

    Data = Both

4) Locate the following registry subkey:


    Add the subkeys and values that are listed in the following table to this subkey.

    Subkey =.pdf

    Value ={987F8D1A-26E6-4554-B007-6B20E2680632}

5) Restart the Microsoft Search service using the Services console or by typing the following commands in the Exchange Management Shell.

    Stop-Service msftesql-Exchange -Force;

    Start-Service MSExchangeSearch

For more details, please refer to the user manual or visit

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