How to Find My Order Information and Activation Record on the Website?

In a valid order (order status as open or close) detail, you will be able to see product name, quantity, price and total amount. 

It will be very easy to retrieve license key, download link and invoice for your purchase or check the activation records under the license key.


1.  If you do not have an account on Foxit website. Please register an account on Foxit website, 


After you register the account, please follow the step 2 below.

2.  If you already have a registered account on our website, please login the account, and go to account details, to see if your account is activated.


a. If not activated, please fill in password, and click on Not activated. You will receive an email from with a link to activate the account.


If you have problem receiving the activation email, please write an email to with your account email address. The sales service team member will send you the activation link to activate your account.

b. If activated, please go to "My Orders", you will find your order information.




To check the activation record, you can open the order, find green check sign after the registration key, click on it, you will be able to see the MAC address under this registration key. 





3.  IF you have purchased Foxit PhantomPDF with maintenance(Upgrade&Assurance) and already obtained a new activation code for major release version during the maintenance period. You may do the following procedures to find the new code's activation record:

  1. Access Foxit website homepage ,log in with your Foxit account. Go to "Registration Key Codes", you will find all of your registration key codes are listed there.


  2. Please click on one of the registration key code there to open "Query Result" dialog box in which you are able to see activation record.

    By default, some characters in the middle part of the registration key are displayed with asterisks instead of characters actually in the "Query Result" dialog box. To see all of the actual characters in the registration code, please click on green eye sign after the registration key.



Please try the following steps to find the MAC address.

   1. Click on the Start Menu, then select the Run item.

   2.  Type cmd in the text field.

   3. A terminal window will appear on the screen.  Type in getmac (with no spaces) and push enter.

   4. The 'Physical Address' field states the MAC address for that adapter.


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