How to export PDF file to Word file?

Foxit Reader cannot export PDF file to Word file, while Foxit PhantomPDF can do that.  Here are procedures.

 1.  Open the pdf file with Foxit PhantomPDF, go to Convert tab>To MS office> Word or File tab>Export>To MS Office>Word>Save As, Save As window will pop up.


2.  On Save As window, click on Settings. There are two Export Engine Settings options, one is Text-based document, the other is Image-based document. If the pdf file is a text-based file, make sure Text-based document option is checked as Export Engine Settings, and click OK.


   If the pdf file is a scanned/image-based file, make sure Image-based document option is checked, and click Options to select corresponding language then click OK.


3. On Save As window, input file name and hit on Save to apply settings. The program will start to process the file and the word document will be opened automatically after conversion completed.



Tips: We could click on View tab >Text Viewer to check if the file contains text objects. If you see blank screen under Text Viewer mode, it means there is no text object, so it is a scanned/image-based document. Otherwise, it is a text-based document.








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