This activation code has a limit amount of activated computers at the same time. You have already reached that amount.

Error Message



Maximum Registration count reached. Error code: ERR202 (Before version 7.3)


The code has reached the maximum registration count. 

Resolution 1

After version 7.3, you could deactivate the previous installation by yourself via following steps to transfer license.

1 Open the installed software on old computer and click Help -- Deactivate button to deactivate the program and click OK to accept the change.

2 After that you could activate the software on new computer with the same registration key code. 

Resolution 2

If the Deactivate option is not available on your version or the old installation is not reachable, write an email requesting to reset your activation with the registration code, including the following information in the email message:

1)    How the code was used.

2)    The registration code number.




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