Create an Administrative Installation Point (AIP) on the Publish Server

The purpose of administrative installs are to extract compressed resources on a network location. This is typically most useful to install software to multiple computers in large scale deployments, to inspect the MSI file contents and structure, to patch and upgrade, and to ensure that the source files are always available for any repair operations.

To create an AIP:

1. Log on to the server as an Administrator user or a member of administrative technical support staff of an organization.

2. Create a shared network folder where the machine will install the uncompressed program files (this folder will contain the MSI package).  Set permissions on this folder in order to allow access to the distribution package

3. Download the requisite MSI installer file and save it into the target shared network folder.

4. Use Foxit Customization Wizard tool to generate transform files with license key and /or XML file and save it to the shared folder

5. At the command line, run

msiexec /a <ProductName>.msi TARGETDIR="<shared network folder path>"


msiexec /a <ProductName>.msi

6. Choose Next on the Welcome screen.


 7.  Input a network location for the installation point.


Tip: Do not install the AIP at the root directory such as C:or D:as that often results in errors.

8. Choose Install.

9. Choose Finish. An administration source image of the application is now available for distribution. 



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